Ultimate Digg Poll Results Are In

Well I took a poll a few days ago, and some results were quite surprising. Others were expected, such as operating system and browser. I’ll start with the obvious, and that is most Digg users use FireFox.

Sorry that is so hard to read. Safari is the one with 10% while Opera is 6%. Opera is a really nice browser; some of you should try it. If you’re wondering what K-Meleon is, it’s a FireFox based browser. It’s open source, and renders the same as FireFox. The GUI and features are the main differences. It pains me to see that there were as many IE6 users as IE7. IE6 renders HTML so badly; a lot of designers have given up on it. I’ve been using IE7 for a while on Vista now, and it’s quite nice. Anyways, on with the show. Most popular operating system was Windows XP followed by Mac users, assuming OS X. And in third we have Linux, Ubuntu to be specific.

Age was typical; the average was from 17-25. Good results on this poll as the graph shows, a nice angle on the bar graph.

The time users spend on Digg is generally 30 minutes to an hour. Again a nice curve of results. Seems they’re quite accurate.

User involvement slowly goes down as the difficulty of the activity goes up. For instance, Digging stories is easy and a lot of people do it. Commenting on things requires slightly more interaction, and some people don’t do it. And finally submitting stories; scraping the web for interesting sites was the lowest of all. Not unexpected however.

The next poll explains why my Adsense earnings are lower than Enron stock. It amazed me that 67% of you guys use AdBlock! All this time I was wondering why my impressions and clicks were so low; I wonder no more.

Well, this proves it. Titles are the most important thing when it comes to a Digg submission. 17% Digg for title alone, while 6% are saving it for later. So about 23% of Diggs come from people Digging because it sounds interesting.

Most Digg users registered a while after their first day browsing. 13% are still not registered, which I doubt is accurate. I’ll assume the people that aren’t registered skipped this poll.

The Digg gaming issue was mostly divided with the majority of people saying yes. Lot of people didn’t know what that was, or just didn’t care. I’m curious on your take on this issue, so comment if you’re opinionated.

And last..and least, the % you best fit in. Inaccurate results as most of the 89%ers didn’t vote. Basically just added this one in for fun. Knew it wouldn’t be an accurate way to get good results. Here is the graph anyways.

Anyways, some interesting things with a lot of good results. Some of it was known, and some was a surprise. Didn’t think that many people used AdBlock, that’s quite shocking. Oh well guess I won’t quit my day job =).