Alex Tew’s Pixelotto Is Almost A Complete Failure

Lighting can’t strike twice I guess, because Alex Tew’s second chance at a million dollars is almost a complete failure. 20 days ago, I reported that he’d be trying his luck again, with a slightly different approach. He was going to charge $2 a pixel, and have a lottery for the extra one million earned. Surprisingly enough the idea didn’t work. For the last 2 weeks or so, he’s been stuck at the same amount of money earned ($143,000). Some advertisers are even starting to remove their ads from Alex’s website out of disappointment.

In the last 7 days of pixelotto’s existence, three of them went without selling any pixels what so ever. In fact, if calculated properly it would take almost 5 years at the going rate to fill all one million pixels.

With all the publicity this first got on sites like TechCrunch, I’m honestly surprised it didn’t take off. Granted his idea was far from original. In, fact after his first site many ideas similar to his second started popping up all over.

All facts were gathered from PixelLottoReport, not pulled out of my ass.