Part 2: Get Free Music Off The Web

Previously I hosted a Youtube scrape of Free Music Videos. However since that scrape was limited to mostly rock music, I’ve found an alternative way to get free music – of all genres. RadioBlogClub is a site that gives users the ability to stream live music from their servers. However since they give the code to embed the song on to another website, it’s easy to parse out the URLs, and get a direct link to the song. After a bit of tinkering with a PHP script, I’ve come up with a solution.

Go to the RadioBlogClub website, and search for any artist you want. This will provide you with a list of all the music you can download. To download the song you want, click the blue arrow. It will then display a gray box full of code. Click in that box once and copy the code to clipboard. After that, just paste that code in the script I made, and click submit. It will spit out a direct download link for that song. When you download the song, change the extension to mp3 if you want, or open it in VLC. Keep in mind my script supports more than one block of code at a time. If you want to paste 100 in at a time, it will output 100 direct download links.

Enjoy this while you can, as I’m sure it won’t last long. 🙂