Getting enough Vitamin D with a Facial Tanning Lamp

facial tanning lamps to boost vitamin d

Your body has to have vitamin D if it wants to function properly. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium and the sunshine vitamin affects the body’s natural circadian rhythms. This rhythm governs how people live and feel.

A lack of the vitamin has been linked to certain cancers. A scientist-led group, The Vitamin D Council, tells us that vitamin D is needed to treat- and prevent pain, depression, heart disease, flu, and other ailments.

When your lifestyle keeps you indoors

What do people do whose living conditions don’t allow them to get outside much? Then there are people such as professional gamers whose days are filled with tournament schedules and hours in front of a screen.

They do a lot of cyber reading, keeping up to date with the latest tech knowledge from CyberKnowledge to ensure that they’re always on top of their game. They have to do what it takes to avoid burnout, depression, and a compromised immune system because of a lack of vitamin D.

No sun exposure? Look at Facial Tanning Lamps

Most people get all of the vitamin D that they need from the sun and a good diet. However, if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for this, and you are worried that you can develop a vitamin D deficiency, facial tanning lamps can be a helpful alternative according to

Also, in areas where there is limited sunlight, UV light has been used to correct vitamin D deficiency. Tanning lamps emit rays of ultraviolet or UV radiation. The amount of UV required for a tan is for each person.

All of these facial tanning lamps come with an exposure schedule that allows the user to gradually build a tan, all the while minimizing the risk of burn. Facial tanning takes time. One session isn’t going to give you a tan. It will take 6 to 10 sessions to develop a base tan.

It is quite possible that your facial tanning lamp doesn’t provide you with all the vitamin D that you’d like but you can always consider taking a vitamin D supplement as well.

Plug-in to a gorgeous tan and a rise in Vitamin D Levels

When you start researching facial tanning lamps, you have to be selective about the type of lamp you choose. These cool ‘at home self-tanning units are great money-saving devices too as you no longer have to drive yourself to a tanning salon.

At home, you can pick and choose where you want to tan, plug it in, set the timer, and switch the unit on. Most come with a pair of protective eye goggles and you can tilt the unit in the direction you want.

One of the top brands of facial tanning lamps is Sperti Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp, but there are many other good brands too. It’s a facial tanner essentially, but some people use them to tan other areas of the body too.

Specialty UV tanning lamps like this contribute to your vitamin D levels, so important for a strong immune system, to the tanning of your skin, and to your sense of wellbeing.


  • Provide facial and also sectional tanning for another body area
  • Tilt it in the direction you want
  • Portable to carry wherever you want
  • Does the body and your mental state the world of good
  • Allows the body to look good and get its vitamin D fix

The facial tanning lamps make tanning so wonderfully convenient and enjoyable. They’re portable and come with a carrying handle. Most of them have an adjustable standing position so that you don’t have to adjust your chair with cushions to reach the rays of the lamp.

The reflector system ensures a lovely even tan, and all year round. It’s amazing that at the mere flick of a switch, your tanning lamp will give you a sexy, golden tan that looks as though you’ve been spending time with sun and surf.

The fabulous thing with these facial tanning lamps is that in just minutes every day you can enjoy the benefits of what hours in the sun will achieve.

Bolster your psyche

It’s a good idea to get out into the sun and the fresh air every day to get your vitamin D. But now instead of having to spend hours in the sun and damaging your skin, with a tanning lamp, 15 minutes is all that’s required.

Sometimes you just want to have your psyche bolstered by your tanning lamp, and with the added bonus of building up your vitamin D reserves, you can safely say that you cannot be without one of ‘lift-me-up’ units.